Transitioning from working life to retirement can be a challenge – But My Money Works can turn that challenge into an opportunity to follow your dreams, take that well deserved holiday and spend time with family. We can help you seize this opportunity, comfortable with the knowledge that your accumulated wealth is strong and sufficient. It’s never too early or too late to start planning ahead, and we will make sure in either case that a healthy and happy retirement is part of your plan.

Independence is a major factor in retirement lifestyle, and independence can depend on our health as some things become physically harder to do alone as we get older. Here at My Money Works, we have enough combined experience to offer reliable advice to retirees. We can help you take care of both yourself and your wealth in your later years.

My Money Works uses state-of-the-art financial modelling to answer questions such as when to retire, what to do with property, and how much you will need to retire, factoring in variables such as life expectancy and interest rates. We also consider our clients’ estate, to ensure that their dependents will benefit from our clients’ success.

We can also help our clients understand and navigate Centrelink’s difficult policies and time consuming forms. We can help you circumvent long wait times by helping you understand your entitlements and assisting with paperwork.

You can always trust us to put your needs first and help you work towards a happy and healthy retirement.

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